by Kyle Flemmer

Dismantle the walls of this opium den,
             soar over the sands of Morocco,
             mint and incense cloying the air;
             dream empty velvet sleepless dreams,
             echoes from the void.

Ride out the cocaine-frenzy of this stadium,
             press into the stumbling crowd of Leeds,
             skin on waxy jaundiced skin,
             waves of dopamine energy
             percolate in the brain.

Find vertigo truth on this mountainside,
             hash-dizzy in the taverns of Nepal,
             listen: the furnace mouth breathes
             its Hermetic wisdom amid
             wisps of fractal geometry.

Consult midnight hounds in this dark desert,
             peyote phantasms of Mexico;
             lift a hissing rain stick
             dipped in scorpion’s venom,
             the cosmos align prophetic.

Burn your bonds behind this bathhouse
             along with your animosities,
             find peace within
             the false swamp roiling;
             ashes drift in black clouds over Tokyo.


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Dorito Hangover is "Out of Print" from The Blasted Tree Store.


Founder, Editor in Chief, Author

Dorito Hangover by Kyle Flemmer is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-0-9939300-5-8

Cover Design by Kyle Flemmer - Cover Image by Marcin Rybarczyk