Graphic Narrative


by Bea Keeler

The Blasted Tree's first graphic narrative, PUFFERFISH is an honest accounting of anxiety, depression, and their impact on personal relationships. Keeler, who both wrote and illustrated the comic, sensitizes readers to the inner world of an introvert without letting her character off the hook for hypocrisy or laziness, parsing mental health issues on behalf of those who don't suffer from them. 50 limited edition copies of the comic are now available from The Blasted Tree Store.


The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of comics, photographic essays, and other forms of graphic narrative. We are looking for work which possesses a unique voice or perspective, aims to innovate and expand the boundaries, or challenges the expectations of the craft. Our beautiful print editions contain stories from the fringe, tales than fly in the face of conventional storytelling, or experimental works shied away from by the mainstream. Are you comics subversive, socially-critical, or confrontingly honest? Does your fictional vision reveal a hidden truth about the way we live? Do you dare to be different through the medium of narrative? Send your manuscripts to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need comics, etc. no longer than 20 pages to make into zines!

The Blasted Tree also accepts text-based narrative for publication online or in our Fiction and Short(er) Fiction chapbook series. We collect weird and wonderful fiction of any genre. Send us your original stories of any length, and we'll find a home for it!

Original, unpublished stories can be sent to:


Graphic narratives are as old as human history, yet this form of storytelling is only growing in importance. Here you will find comics, etc. from contemporary voices exploring the overlap of text and image. Text-based fiction >2,500 can be accessed in our Fiction section, and stories <2,500 words can be found with our Short(er) Fiction. Many of these works are available for purchase in limited print editions from The Blasted Tree Store.