Poetry by Author

L'Abbé, Sonnet

Lambrinakos-Raymond, Zoe

Leblanc, Amy

Lytton, Gavin

Martonfi, Ilona

Mavreas, Billy

mclennan, rob

mcGowan-Ross, Tara

Meilleur, Ethel


Neily, Dana

perrin, kaitlyn

pineo, Laine

pOIRIER, Prince

Prairie Cholla Ayatollah


ROJAS, Laura

San Agustin, Ian

Sevelka, Katerina

Smart, adrien

Smilovitch, Michael

Topel, Andrew

  • squared [chapbook] - coming soon!

Tucker, Aaron


Wainio-Théberge, Gabriel


The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of original, unpublished poetry of any length. We are looking for poems which possess a unique voice or perspective, aim to innovate and expand the boundaries, or challenge the expectations of the craft. Our poetry takes risks. How do you versify the human experience? Is your work sounding the depths of language, inventing new visual lexicons, cutting to the heart of an issue, event, or feeling? Does your poetry revolve around or emanate from a counter-cultural point of view? Send your poetry to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need poetry of all lengths to publish online or in limited print editions.

The Blasted Tree also accepts chapbook-length poetry collections. We publish chapbooks around 15 poems (20 pages) long. Send us your original poetry manuscripts for consideration now!

Poetry, both collections and single works, can be sent to: theblastedtree@gmail.com


Exciting poetry challenges mainstream perspectives and looks to innovate, sometimes bordering on the subversive or counter-cultural. The Blasted Tree publishes poetry by emerging and established authors with voices as diverse as possible. Our poetry is listed alphabetically by author to the right, collections can be accessed HERE, and much of our work is available in limited print editions from The Blasted Tree Store.