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Verbal Vol. 1

Spoken word Anthology

by Cockett, Smart, Martonfi, San Agustin, PCA, Gavin, Dunphy, and Smilovitch

Verbal Vol. 1 is a digital anthology of spoken word poetry bringing together eight unique voices recorded on stages, in studios, or living rooms across Canada. Each track showcases a different sound, style, tone, fidelity (there's even a couple set to music!), and is accompanied by its written lyrics. Verbal Vol. 1 will be released one track per week beginning March 25, 2018.

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You can download the anthology as is becomes available on our Bandcamp.

phon phon

by R. Keith

Part collage, part experiment, phon phon is a short collection of what R. Keith calls 'exophonic, phonetic' poems, each made from British English translated into European Portuguese. Exophony is the practice of writing in a language that is not one’s mother tongue, while phonetics is the study and classification of speech sounds. 50 limited edition chapbooks are available now from The Blasted Tree Store, and the full collection can be read in colour online.

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how to make and English exam interesting

by Jordan Bolay

As the author's note states: this semi-found poem was written during the mid-term exam of English 302, “Introduction to Contemporary Theoretical Practices.” Composed spontaneously into an extra examination blue book, Bolay's chapbook project is an experiment in embodied poetics. To produce it, six scribes copied Jordan's original poem into blank examination books by hand, layering a diversity of penmanship over the organic foundation of Bolay's original composition. Read the project online, then drop by The Blasted Tree's Store to get your hands on a limited edition copy of this one-of-a-kind poetry project.

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The Insistence of Momentum

by Sacha Archer

When two objects collide in space, momentum must be conserved. This fundamental law is parleyed into a startlingly fresh chapbook of prose poetry by Sacha Archer, The Insistence of Momentum. Passages from history are exhumed and bounced off each other, sparking alchemical responses from Archer in this experiment of literary call-and-answer. A limited edition of 50 hand-bound chapbooks were produced of The Insistence of Momentum, available now from The Blasted Tree Store, and the collection can be read online using the link below.

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by Michael Smilovitch

Neuroscientist, musician, and poet Smilovitch explores the poetic qualities of bio-science in obscuritysquared. By importing the lexicon of brain chemistry, biology, and psychology into his verse, Smilovitch toys with commonly accepted notions of perception and subjectivity. obscuritysquared is fast-paced, funny, surreal, and smart. Three 'Special Feature' poems are available exclusively in our limited edition chapbook from The Blasted Tree Store.

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by Kyle Flemmer

Flemmer's selected first poems presents his best work from a variety of projects. PRAY / LEWD includes several poems which have appeared in print, some from ongoing projects, and a few which are new to the world, making an excellent cross-section of Flemmer's early explorations into poetic form, space, and subject. A limited edition of 50 chapbooks were published, no longer available for purchase from The Blasted Tree Store.

PRAY / LEWD is Out of Print


by Kyle Flemmer

Experimental poetry at the intersection of science and modern mythology, this collection of visually-oriented poetry chronicling the Apollo program missions examines our technical accomplishments and the politics of space exploration using erasure, mixed media, and modulatiry. 10 limited edition chapbooks were available from The Blasted Tree Store, each printed on high-quality paper, hand-sewn, and numbered by the author.

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by Mia Poirier

Weaving elements of humor, bitterness, and earnest personal history, Demon Hickeys is Sappho meets Punky Brewster, or a window into the tribulations of growing up and discovering one’s sexuality. Mia Poirier inserts herself unflinchingly into the LGBT literary community, touching nimbly upon relationships, family, and city life, illuminating the challenges of youth along the way.

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by Kaitlyn Perrin

Funny and thoughtful, concise and casual; poems rescued from an ivory tower and restored to their proper home atop a cocktail napkin. Reminiscent of a conversation over drinks, or perhaps around a campfire, Kaitlyn Perrin proves that the best kind of verse is often the most accessible. If you have ever felt poetry takes itself too seriously, then Chewing Around the Rind is for you.


The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of chapbook-length poetry collections. We are looking for poetry which possesses a unique voice or perspective, aims to innovate and expand the boundaries, or challenges the expectations of the craft. Our poetry collections are conceptual units, explorations of a significant subject, place, or time. How do you versify the human experience? Is your work sounding the depths of language, inventing new visual lexicons, cutting to the heart of an issue, event, or feeling? Does your poetry revolve around or emanate from a counter-cultural point of view? Send your manuscripts to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need collections around 15 poems (20 pages) long to make into beautiful chapbooks!

The Blasted Tree also accepts single poems for publication online or in limited print editions. We make leaflets, longsheet, broadsheets, artist prints, and any other kind of print media we can dream up. Send us your original poems of any length, and we'll concoct something interesting to suit.

Poetry, both collections and single works, can be sent to: theblastedtree@gmail.com


Exciting poetry challenges mainstream perspectives and looks to innovate, sometimes bordering on the subversive or counter-cultural. Our poetry collections can be accessed to the right and are often available for purchase in limited print editions from The Blasted Tree Store. Links to our poetry listed alphabetically by author can be found HERE.