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by Jesse Anger

Alternately haunting and beautiful, Far Too Close collects some previously published work alongside several never-before-seen poems, three of which were available exclusively in print from The Blasted Tree Store. Accompany Anger as he cuts beneath the skin of time and reveals what is there.

Read far too close


by Kyle Flemmer

Characterized by a sparse and direct style, this selection of first poems moves nimbly between comedy and gravity, pulling the reader into a realm where the familiar and unquestioned are made alien. Dorito Hangover asks us to take notice of the cultural miasma hanging over our fast-food society, a thick fog of engine fumes and brand loyalty smothering our taste in leaders and TV shows.


The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of chapbook-length poetry collections. We are looking for poetry which possesses a unique voice or perspective, aims to innovate and expand the boundaries, or challenges the expectations of the craft. Our poetry collections are conceptual units, explorations of a significant subject, place, or time. How do you versify the human experience? Is your work sounding the depths of language, inventing new visual lexicons, cutting to the heart of an issue, event, or feeling? Does your poetry revolve around or emanate from a counter-cultural point of view? Send your manuscripts to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need collections around 15 poems (20 pages) long to make into beautiful chapbooks!

The Blasted Tree also accepts single poems for publication online or in limited print editions. We make leaflets, longsheet, broadsheets, artist prints, and any other kind of print media we can dream up. Send us your original poems of any length, and we'll concoct something interesting to suit.

Poetry, both collections and single works, can be sent to: theblastedtree@gmail.com


Exciting poetry challenges mainstream perspectives and looks to innovate, sometimes bordering on the subversive or counter-cultural. Our poetry collections can be accessed to the right and are often available for purchase in limited print editions from The Blasted Tree Store. Links to our poetry listed alphabetically by author can be found HERE.