aim for an 'Ocean's 11' Rather Than a 'Reservoir Dogs' but either way we will look killer in suits

by Dana Neily

He puts sugar in his coffee and passes it to me

Like every other day we’ve met at this café, but I keep mine black.

I want to put up a hazard sign, something to mark this code: different.

My undiluted drink is a rebellion stating You Don’t Know Me Like You Think You Do.

His smile offsets the balance and I laugh like it’s something silly.

Isn’t it funny how people change? Fake sparkle like rhinestones sticking to my cheeks.

And here’s the rub: It changed because it never happened the way I thought it did.

Emotional trust leaps into taxing monotony, I know. Mutual comfort

And late night phone calls melt into caffeinated goo. The headache

Eclipsed the fun. Total wipeout. Error Message: Low on Memory.

Should I ever need to pull off The Greatest Heist Known to Man,

Something righteous where we steal from the rich,

Reveal corruption and band together loveable rogues with the bond of friendship,

I’ll call you.

Heist by Dana Neily is a Blasted Tree original poem.