by Catherine Vidler

A series of visual/textual poetry by prolific Australian poet Catherine Vidler. Keyboards: 14 poems for Tom Jenks is composed of glitching textual artifacts, an array of digital ephemera unraveling across the page like code through a corrupted processor. As the series go on, each poem invading and overwriting the last, it devolves into rich fields of pixelated letter forms. Keyboards has been produced in a limited edition of 50 chapbooks, hand-bound in blank prototyping circuit boards and aluminum tape, then sealed in translucent anti-static bags (normally used to ship computer hardware). 50 copies of the chapbook are now available from The Blasted Tree’s online Store, and the full sequence of poems can be viewed in the image gallery by following the link below.


Additionally, Vidler has prepared an audio accompaniment to the series entitled Song-Sonnet for Two Keyboards, which can be downloaded from The Blasted Tree’s Bandcamp.

Time-Sensitive Material

by David Dowker

Time-Sensitive Material is a collection of poems by the inimitable David Dowker. Intricate and deeply meditative, these poems turn the soil of language, bringing fertility to the stuffiest, most jargonistic corners of discourse. Philosophy, natural science, and linguistics decompose and are deployed in recombinant sequences: “ambigrammatical, becoming animalism.” A limited edition of 50 chapbooks have been produced on ivory linen paper, each hand-bound in a distressed parchment cover with a tissue paper flyleaf, available now from The Blasted Tree Store. Time-Sensitive Material can be read online using the link below.

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a peal of thunder, a moment of

by katie o’brien

a peal of thunder, a moment of is concrete poetry based on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” katie o’brien’s project has involved chopping up Beethoven’s musical score and layering the staves so it’s difficult to make out the original phrase - blurring the material to reflect the disoriented memories they have around losing their grandmother ten years ago. The Blasted Tree has produced a limited edition of 50 hand-bound chapbooks of a peal of thunder, a moment of, available now from our online Store, and the full sequence of poems can be viewed online by following the link below.


The Sims in Real Life

by Ben Robinson

Robinson’s The Sims in Real Life makes use of YouTube’s auto-captioning function to put words to clips of otherwise nonsensical gibberish. The poem is made from captions generated for a video wherein a prankster acts like a character from The Sims video game series, jabbering unintelligibly at strangers. The Blasted Tree has produced an edition of multimedia chapbooks featuring a booklet of this poem plus a bonus CD loaded up with digital content, including an introduction by the author, production images, and more. Copies from the limited edition of 40 chapbooks, each tucked with its disk in a slim jewel case, are available to purchased from our online Store.

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The Weight of Skin

by Brandon Teigland

A former poet laureate reads her most controversial poem yet at a protest for the removal of a colonial statue deemed racist, but the demonstration takes a turn for the worse when the Proud Boys arrive. The Weight of Skin is the gripping and (tragically) urgent story of home-grown Canadian xenophobia as told from three different perspectives. The Blasted Tree has published a limited edition of 50 hand-bound chapbooks featuring The Weight of Skin, each produced using three types of paper (one for each narrator: granite-grey stationary, red card stock, and white onionskin) bound in black fabric. Teigland’s story can be read by following the link below, and copies of the chapbook can be purchased from our online store.

*** CW: verbal harassment, racially-motivated violence ***

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by andrew topel

A kaleidoscopic sampling of abstract visual poetry by the prolific andrew topel. These poems riff on, challenge, even embrace the square frames they live within. Typography spills, explodes, and realigns on every page, giving form to expression through gesture and weight, communicating in composition what cannot be said aloud. squared has been published in a limited edition of 50 numbered and hand-bound chapbooks, each bearing its own unique cover made with dry transfer lettering. The collection can be viewed online in the image gallery using the link below, and one-of-a-kind copies of the chapbook can be purchased from The Blasted Tree Store.

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