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The Sims in Real Life

by Ben Robinson

Robinson’s The Sims in Real Life makes use of YouTube’s auto-captioning function to put words to clips of otherwise nonsensical gibberish. The poem is made from captions generated for a video wherein a prankster acts like a character from The Sims video game series, jabbering unintelligibly at strangers. The Blasted Tree has produced an edition of multimedia chapbooks featuring a booklet of this poem plus a bonus CD loaded up with digital content, including an introduction by the author, production images, and more. Copies from the limited edition of 40 chapbooks, each tucked with its disk in a slim jewel case, are available to purchased from our online Store.

Read The sims in real life

Verbal Vol. 1

Spoken word Anthology

by Cockett, Smart, Martonfi, San Agustin, PCA, Gavin, Pineo, and Smilovitch

Verbal Vol. 1 is a digital anthology of spoken word poetry bringing together eight unique voices recorded on stages, in studios, or living rooms across Canada. Each track showcases a different sound, style, tone, fidelity (there's even a couple set to music!), and is accompanied by its written lyrics. Verbal Vol. 1 will be released one track per week beginning March 25, 2018.

listen to verbal vol. 1

You can download the anthology as is becomes available on our Bandcamp.

Adrien Smart - Interview & Exclusive Video

by Adrien Smart

Adrien Smart may be new to the Canadian poetry scene, but his honest verse and well-crafted short films are already making waves. The Blasted Tree picked his brain about life, loss, and the production of video poetry, and Adrien has put together an exclusive film for us, the marvelous WHITE KNUCKLES/RED TABLECLOTH. Watch it using the link below, then read our interview with the talented Mr. Smart!

Watch White knuckles/red tablecloth

You can find more of Adrien's work on his blog and Youtube.


by Foster Marshall-Medeiros

A gallery by photographer and musician Foster Marshall-Medeiros. These images embrace the vintage aesthetic, exploring terrains of urban decay, nature, and nostalgia. Foster works with a variety of cameras and films to produce pictures in a range of styles, lending his portfolio the aspect of flipping through a box of old postcards.


You can find more of Foster's work on his official page at Marmulade Photography.

The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of digital media of any kind created from unique and provocative perspectives. We are looking for compelling photography, audio recordings of spoken word poetry, or video of the same. We like the strange and surreal, the out-of-the-box type art that tests our sensibilities. Surprise us! The Blasted Tree is looking to take digital literature into previously unexplored directions. Are you in need a digital distribution platform for your experimental artwork? Do you employ digital tools in some new and exciting direction? Send your work to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need material from all walks of life to make into unique digital media.

The Blasted Tree also accepts original, unpublished media of all kinds for publication in print. Poetry, stories, artist prints, and more, we curate the weird and wonderful for limited print editions. Send us your most thoughtful and challenging works for our consideration today!

All digital media,and work intended for print can be sent to:

Digital MEDIA

While we are admittedly print fetishists, there is much to be excited about in the world of digital media. The Blasted Tree curates audio recordings, photography, motion picture, and more from within a Canadian context. This archive of intriguing and provocative work provides an outlet for the multifaceted contributors to The Blasted Tree, many of which cross the boundaries between styles and mediums. Much of our boundary-pushing content can be found in The Blasted Tree Store.