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The Easter Egg is Toxic

Written in response to Ernest Cline's infamous scifi fantasy novel Ready Player One, Blasted Tree contributing author Lambert Muir investigates how fandom and enthusiasm can devolve into gatekeeping and toxicity. With the big screen adaptation in theaters, now is a great time to ask: how is "the canon" of geekdom constituted, who's favorites make the list, and how does policing inhibit the community? Muir's think piece reviews RPO as a book, a film, and as an ascendant touchstone in a problematic culture.



We sat down with Alberta-based print media artist and Blasted Tree contributor May G N to talk art and life in Calgary's queer community. May lends us razor-sharp insight into digital print-making, political engagement, and the demystification of gender, discussing how these pursuits fit into our anxiety-inducing contemporary context. Featuring images from May's impressive creative oeuvre, check out this interview for a closer look at one of Alberta's most fascinating young artists.

Read Interview with MAY G N

Adrien Smart - Interview & Exclusive Video

Adrien Smart may be new to the Canadian poetry scene, but his honest verse and well-crafted short films are already making waves. The Blasted Tree picked his brain about life, loss, and the production of video poetry, and Adrien has put together an exclusive film for us, the marvelous WHITE KNUCKLES/RED TABLECLOTH. Watch it using the link below, then read our interview with the talented Mr. Smart!

Watch White knuckles/red tablecloth

You can find more of Adrien's work on his blog and Youtube.

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