NOTES ON The Sign of Poetry

Journal excerpts + Image Gallery

by Sacha Archer

A multi-media exploration of the limits of poetry and legibility, Sacha Archer continues to push boundaries with this collection of astounding poetry, journal excerpts, and supplementary material. In addition to these digital notes and drawings, we have produced a series of broadsides featuring selections from Archer's experimental visual poetry and his addendum to the work. 50 limited-edition sets of broadsides were produced, now sold out from The Blasted Tree Store.

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A Brief Essay Against All Murder, And the Death Penalty

by Anthony J. Gavin

This provocative essay is more than a well-reasoned attack on murder and all forms of capital punishment, more than a sophisticated and artful piece of experimental writing, and more than a thorough examination of justice, truth, and guilt. With uncommon depth and skill, Gavin combines these elements into an erudite celebration of language, both challenging and accessible, amounting to a brilliant and highly creative work of philosophical nonfiction.

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Feminist Perspectives

by Fogel, May G N, Martonfi, Keeler, Neily, and Raaymakers

A six-part celebration and examination of the many-faceted movement that is contemporary feminism. Loosely labelled creative non-fiction, this online series collects writings from a diverse group of self-identifying feminists, from autobiographical poetry to critical theory, personal anecdotes and public calls to action. Co-edited and forwarded by Bea Keeler, Feminist Perspectives was published in weekly installments from March 30th to May 4th, 2016.

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Entheogens and the mind of society

by James W. Jesso

Two-part essay addressing the prohibition of psychedelics in connection to the yoking of modern minds. Jesso makes an impassioned and compelling argument for the freedom to explore one’s consciousness through the use of entheogens. The complete Entheogens and the Mind of Society is no longer available in print from The Blasted Tree Store, but you can still read both parts of the essay online.

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On State Surveillance

by Kyle Flemmer

Selected from an ongoing dialogue about authoritarian systems of control and how they relate to the current political landscape in Canada. This letter responds to a friend's interest in the ideas raised by George Orwell's classic novel, 1984, and to a public lecture on state surveillance by Glenn Greenwald offered at Concordia University, October 24th, 2014.


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