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Surround Sound

by Nathan Austin

A suite of glitch poems sampling bits of failed optical character recognition from Google’s search results. OCR is meant to identify printed characters using a scanner and computer software, which proves more difficult in practice than in principle. The poems that comprise “Surround Sound” come from an article about composer Eliane Radigue, originally published in frieze magazine in 2011. The suite as presented by the author appears in our online gallery, and a limited edition of 11" x 17" broadsides featuring the series can be purchased from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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University of the Air

by Billy Mavreas

University of the Air is an asemic exploration of rubber stamps of the Varsity typeface primarily. The initial message encoded has now been forgotten, as per sigil work. Three images from Mavreas' exploration can be viewed on The Blasted Tree, and we've made a limited edition of folded leaflets from his triptych of visual poetry. Each of the fifty leaflets comes in a decorative envelope with a descriptive card, available now from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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Spoiled Milk + Wet Specimen

by Erin Emily Ann Vance

Two witchy poems by Calgary-based author Erin Emily Ann Vance. Spellbinding, incantatory, and downright creepy, these poems invoke candlelit rituals read in the dead of night, "blossoming / worship at the alter of your own skin." Vance's work can be read online (if you dare), and 4" x 6.25" fold-out leaflets featuring the pair of poems have been produced in a limited run of 50, available now from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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-19° 54’ · 12h 53m

by Kyle Flemmer

A visual poem using randomly generated celestial coordinates to form a composite view of the night sky. Each poem is made from grid spaces excerpted from star charts enclosing the set of 14 coordinates, substituting lines of text for sightlines in the sonnet. A limited edition of fifty 4.25" x 9" folded leaflets have been produced on metallic silver paper, get yours today from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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-19° 54’ · 12h 53m is The Blasted Tree's 50th print publication in just under four years of operation! Thank you to our readers and contributors for all the love and support so far, we look forward to publishing more boundary-pushing Canadian content in the coming years. For a comprehensive list of our publications in print, please see our Publication History.

Pushing, pulling

by Katerina Sevelka

Sevelka's second poem on The Blasted Tree continues her exploration of place, tone, image, and perspective. Like the painters invoked in Pushing, pulling, Sevelka employs "subjects at once alien and familiar" like wisps of forgotten memory, "(a Canadian vernacular.)." 4.25" x 2.75" folded booklets were produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, get yours from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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Our twigs (just in case)

by Simon Brown

Our twigs (just in case) is one of two new poems by Simon Brown, both written in a fragmented two-column form which encourages multiple readings. This poem is pointed as a shiv, while Brown's second entry, When fleeing was it, is soft as a cloud. A limited edition of 50 folded leaflets featuring Our twigs (just in case), 4.25" x 5.5" on granite-grey paper, is now available from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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Lakes and Highways

by Katerina Sevelka

Within the contemplative scenery of Sevelka's poem, encounter the reflexive connections we form between people and places, the memory of a dream, like great lakes in a cup. Lakes and Highways is now available from The Blasted Tree's Store in a limited edition of 4.25" x 11" longsheets, each printed on antique grey Classic Laid paper.

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A special edition of 100 longsheets was produced to commemorate the inaugural Canzine Calgary, held Saturday, November 4th, and the Memorial Park Library. 50 copies of Lakes and Highways were included in filling Station magazine's small press issue Fall 2017.


by psw

Produced on a typewriter with both a blue and black ink ribbon, pattern is The Blasted Tree's second print media outing by the German visual poet, psw. This attractive and colorful broadside has been made into a limited edition of fifty 8.5" x 3" folded leaflets, copies of which are now available from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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For more amazing visual poetry, abstract graphics, artist books, and print ephemera made by psw, make sure to check out the PSW Gallery online!

Luster + Occult

by Amy LeBlanc

Two poems in the form of dictionary definitions, each term is a nucleus encased in poet Amy LeBlanc's personal lexicon, memories, and associations. Featured together, these poems take on a dimension expressed though symbolic actions and taboo significance. 50 limited-edition 2.5" x 7.5" leaflets, printed on high quality granite-grey paper, are now available from The Blasted Tree Store.

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sex at forty-five

by rob mclennan

Imagistic, rhythmic, and restrained, Sex at Forty-Five is rob mclennan's second poetry leaflet issued by The Blasted Tree. This short suite of fragmented poems are, like their subject matter, "Limbinal: / of snaking limbs." A limited edition of fifty 3.75" x 8.5" leaflets were produced using high quality granite-grey paper, now out of print from The Blasted Tree Store.

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The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of material of any kind with an eye toward print publication. We are looking to produce innovate print media of all sorts, from limited edition artist prints to unconventional leaflets and broadsheets. Our print media foregrounds the intersection of form and content, always looking to pair the highest quality and most appropriate materials with the most exciting art and literature. Do you make controversial graphic art and are looking to make prints? Does your poetry contain a strong visual element that demands a well-considered presentation? Are you passionate about print media and its thriving exchange economy? Send your work to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need material from all walks of life to make into unique print media.

The Blasted Tree also accepts digital media for publication online. Audio, video, photography, and more, we curate the weird and wonderful digital creations on our website, social media, and YouTube channel. Send us your most provocative digital media for our consideration today!

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From artist prints to leaflets, longsheets, and beyond, The Blasted Tree provides a venue for up-and-coming and established Canadian artists to showcase their creations in print. Presented on high quality papers in a variety of formats, our print media is a great way to take home a treasure from your favorite Blasted Tree author or artist. Limited editions of our print media are available for purchase from The Blasted Tree Store.