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Lakes and Highways

by Katerina Sevelka

Within the contemplative scenery of Sevelka's poem, encounter the reflexive connections we form between people and places, the memory of a dream, like great lakes in a cup. Lakes and Highways is now available from The Blasted Tree's Store in a limited edition of 4.25" x 11" longsheets, each printed on antique grey Classic Laid paper.

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A special edition of 100 longsheets was produced to commemorate the inaugural Canzine Calgary, held Saturday, November 4th, and the Memorial Park Library. 50 copies of Lakes and Highways were included in filling Station magazine's small press issue Fall 2017.


by psw

Produced on a typewriter with both a blue and black ink ribbon, pattern is The Blasted Tree's second print media outing by the German visual poet, psw. This attractive and colorful broadside has been made into a limited edition of fifty 8.5" x 3" folded leaflets, copies of which are now available from The Blasted Tree's Store.

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For more amazing visual poetry, abstract graphics, artist books, and print ephemera made by psw, make sure to check out the PSW Gallery online!

Luster + Occult

by Amy LeBlanc

Two poems in the form of dictionary definitions, each term is a nucleus encased in poet Amy LeBlanc's personal lexicon, memories, and associations. Featured together, these poems take on a dimension expressed though symbolic actions and taboo significance. 50 limited-edition 2.5" x 7.5" leaflets, printed on high quality granite-grey paper, are now available from The Blasted Tree Store.

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sex at forty-five

by rob mclennan

Imagistic, rhythmic, and restrained, Sex at Forty-Five is rob mclennan's second poetry leaflet issued by The Blasted Tree. This short suite of fragmented poems are, like their subject matter, "Limbinal: / of snaking limbs." A limited edition of fifty 3.75" x 8.5" leaflets were produced using high quality granite-grey paper, available now from The Blasted Tree Store.

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slick of the earth

by Tara McGowan-Ross

slick of the earth, a poem by multidisciplinary artist Tara McGowan-Ross, celebrates terrestrial femininity in all its fecund glory. A special edition of 100 leaflets was produced for inclusion in filling Station magazine's upcoming small press issue, to be launched at the inaugural Calgary Canzine. 50 copies of the 5.5" x 5.5" leaflets are available now from The Blasted Tree Store, the remainder appearing in the fS small press issue Fall 2017.

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by Christian Bök

Famous for his poetics of extreme constraint, conceptualist Christian Bök reworks the famous anti-fascist sentiments of Martin Niemöller into a politically-charged lipogram by systematically eliminating more and more vowels from each line of his poem. VWLS is presented as a limited edition of 10" x 4" cardstock leaflets, 60 copies in circulation, available now from The Blasted Tree Store.



by Sonnet L'Abbé

Produced as part of the Dream Islands group exhibition featured by the Nanaimo Art Gallery (July 21 - September 17, 2017), "CXXVIII" responds to the work of late Salt-Spring Island-based potter Lari Robson in L'Abbé's signature style. In this "ecolonization," Shakespeare's 128th sonnet is invaded and fleshed out by the poet, an "erasure-by-crowding" that becomes a formal analogy for colonization. An edition of 700 18" x 24" poster were made for the NAG exhibition, where copies will be made available for free, and posters can be purchased from The Blasted Tree Store for merely the price of shipping!


A pistol smuggled in typhus

by derek beaulieu

Written after Arthur Rimbaud's Voyelles, A pistol smuggled in typhus embraces the sinister, the macabre, and the ugly side of language. In this, beaulieu's second contribution to our poetry lineup, vowels are made foul, and death germinates new a form of life, born of decay. Printed on grey cardstock, limited edition copies of beaulieu's 4.25" x 9" poetry leaflet can be found now in The Blasted Tree Store.

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NOTES ON The Sign of Poetry

Journal excerpts + Image Gallery

by Sacha Archer

A multi-media exploration of the limits of poetry and legibility, Sacha Archer continues to push boundaries with this collection of astounding poetry, journal excerpts, and supplementary material. In addition to these digital notes and drawings, we have produced a series of broadsides featuring selections from Archer's experimental visual poetry and his addendum to the work. 50 limited-edition sets of broadsides are available now from The Blasted Tree Store.

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by Ken Hunt

Radioactivity, one of three new Blasted Tree poems by Ken Hunt, celebrates the life and work of Marie Curie; chemist, physicist, and winner of two Nobel prizes. In this poem, Hunt expertly draws our attention to the atomic punishment exacted on Curie's body in the pursuit of her discoveries. A limited edition of 50 folded leaflets, 5.5" x 7", is now available from The Blasted Tree's store.

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The Blasted Tree is now accepting the submission of material of any kind with an eye toward print publication. We are looking to produce innovate print media of all sorts, from limited edition artist prints to unconventional leaflets and broadsheets. Our print media foregrounds the intersection of form and content, always looking to pair the highest quality and most appropriate materials with the most exciting art and literature. Do you make controversial graphic art and are looking to make prints? Does your poetry contain a strong visual element that demands a well-considered presentation? Are you passionate about print media and its thriving exchange economy? Send your work to The Blasted Tree for consideration - we need material from all walks of life to make into unique print media.

The Blasted Tree also accepts digital media for publication online. Audio, video, photography, and more, we curate the weird and wonderful digital creations on our website, social media, and YouTube channel. Send us your most provocative digital media for our consideration today!

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From artist prints to leaflets, longsheets, and beyond, The Blasted Tree provides a venue for up-and-coming and established Canadian artists to showcase their creations in print. Presented on high quality papers in a variety of formats, our print media is a great way to take home a treasure from your favorite Blasted Tree author or artist. Limited editions of our print media are available for purchase from The Blasted Tree Store.