Anthony J. Gavin

Contributing Author and Spoken Word Artist

Anthony James Gavin is a PhD candidate in Cultural, Social and Political Thought at the University of Victoria. His current research seeks to erode traditional disciplinary barriers in an investigation of the relations between new materialism and the philosophy of language, pushing against the boundaries of what we have come to understand as nature, history and the human. He also holds an MA in Philosophy from Concordia University, where he specialized in the philosophy of science, epistemology, mental illness and metaphysics, and is an engaged activist. Outside academia and activism, Anthony can be found writing and sometimes performing his (mostly philosophical) poetry, when not producing his (mostly poetical) philosophy. His poetry ranges from the mystical to the mundane, manifesting as a means to explore the intimate connections between animal, environmental, urban and human languages within the horizon of speculative thinking and becoming. “Thinking and becoming are never apart. Writing fuses these and gives birth to something new.”

When not writing or thinking, Anthony can be found either off in the woods, or drinking whisky and playing Magic: The Gathering. He currently lives in Victoria with his partner and two cats, Eddie and Pancake


Works on The Blasted Tree: