Winter Nights

by Kaitlyn Perrin

There’s something about winter nights
Snow so frozen beneath my boot
The only print I leave behind is
Memory, and my breath on the air
Different with every sigh
Save for on these cold, cold nights
When winter breathes them back
And I remember vivid white fields of farmland
And hoary hay bales, and ice

On nights like this the wind brings life
And you breath it in
So the rattling bones of branches
Become the music of a rain stick
Pouring into you
The past in the ice of it
Too cold not to be connected

When snow will crunch and never give
When the bare moon smiles down
On a world of white
On nights like this you thrust your hands
In pockets never deep enough
The cold consoles
Fades the present, blurs the lines
So it can take you back

Something about winter nights like this one
Carries a cold front of memory
I take my hands from my pockets
And hold on to the cold


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Kaitlyn perrin

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Chewing Around the Rind by Kaitlyn Perrin is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

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