Two Birds, One Stone

by Kaitlyn Perrin

My father was a peach farmer
Not very successful
He was better at giving advice
He choked it down to lack of luck

We rarely had peaches in our icebox
But we had plenty of potatoes and molasses on the table
And juniper, coriander, citrus and cinnamon
My father had hard knuckles; he’d tap them twice on the table
It gave the added benefit of knocking on wood

His peaches were always ripe, and sweet
And he had an excellent farm hand
Where I come from, we still believe in handshakes

I’ve spent too many hours sitting on the other side of the table
Not to chuckle at the irony of finding myself on your side


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Kaitlyn perrin

Contributing Author

Chewing Around the Rind by Kaitlyn Perrin is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-06-6

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