by Sonnet L'Abbé

Produced as part of the Dream Islands group exhibition featured by the Nanaimo Art Gallery (July 21 - September 17, 2017), "CXXVIII" responds to the work of late Salt-Spring Island-based potter Lari Robson in L'Abbé's signature style. In this "ecolonization," Shakespeare's 128th sonnet (represented below in orange text) is invaded and fleshed out by the poet, an "erasure-by-crowding" that becomes a formal analogy for colonization. Below is a preview of the 18" x 24" poster made for the NAG exhibition, where copies will be made available for free, however if you don't happen to visit Nanaimo this summer, posters can be purchased from The Blasted Tree's Store for merely the price of shipping!

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CXXVIII is available from The Blasted Tree Store


Contributing Author

CXXVIII is from Sonnet's Shakespeare: 154 ecolonizations by Sonnet L'Abbé, forthcoming from McLelland and Stewart, 2018

Edition of 700 posters co-published with the Nanaimo Art Gallery - Nanaimo, BC, Canada