Ethel Meilleur

Contributing Author

Ethel Meilleur is a poet and mature student studying at Concordia University. She was born in Truro, Nova Scotia and enjoys reading authors such as George Elliott Clarke, Maya Angelou, Leonard Cohen, and Irving Layton. Her work in the Timeless Voices anthology by The International Library of Poets earned Meilleur their nomination as Poet of the Year in 2006. Meilleur’s poetry has also appeared in the Love and Lashings collection (2011) and Concordia Write Nights Vol. 1 (2016). Besides reading and writing, Meilleur likes yoga and walking in nature, making arts and crafts, dancing, and singing. Her favorite outings are poetry readings, book launches, and trips to the art gallery.


Works on The Blasted Tree:

Photo by Ethel Meilleur