A Second, just for a Second

by Laura Rojas

how strange is it
that we willingly close our eyes
at the first peak of morning sun
and act so indifferent
when we feel the welcome of  
it’s a strange motion, movement
the slow turning of
mechanical hands,
stereoscopic vision
reciting, “you can trust me you can trust me”
you can
trust me
but if only you could

your love is so damn passive
full of intervals
high and low like mountain peaks
while mine convulses with such violence
a cold drink on a cold day, sometimes fitting
but often disheartening,
I envelop you in my embrace
and feel you moving under the weight of my body
this body
      what am I doing
      what am I doing


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Everything All At Once by Laura Rojas is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

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