"Immaterial!" I Said

by Laura Rojas

goddamn those islands
and promises of inner-city bliss
the quiet re-runs on channel seven when morning is only beginning, the house empty and still, the refrigerator hum reverberating to the beat of whatever crawls through your skin, rides your veins into the center of the universe, your universe

your love, your loving, our love

the beginning of everything, the ending of uncertainty, the ending of timeless activities that figuratively are not meant to have an end, the beginning of Saturday morning cartoons, watching them quietly with your father while you eat pancakes off the plate in your lap, the ending of masculinity, femininity, domesticity, elasticity, two hands clasped together under bedroom sheets

oh, the blue-tinted botany, so easy to see sometimes,
so difficult others

the beginning of slow-moving, delicate feet on the pavement, the ending of working long nights that stretch into mornings, afternoons, sleepless at 3am ready to do it all over, the beginning of holding your eyes shut before the sun, the red-orange flesh of your lids like a baby in a womb, a piece of summer fruit you can bite into, nothing sweeter has ever dribbled down your chin, your hands, into the spaces between your fingers

ready to do it all over


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Everything All At Once by Laura Rojas is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

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