Creosote Ties

by Jesse Anger

We’d hang around the tracks
and gun ballast-stones
through panes of wire-glass,

unfoil pilfered packs
of Larks or Player’s Light.
A gutted factory squatted

in that ramshackle lot—
a draw to all that’s wayward.
Inside, a rubbling stair

rose into the murk.
We’d circle round a flame,
cherry-glow and hush

your name traced in air.
It didn’t mean that much,
like disregarded signs,

to lay pennies in a line,
wait for a freight to come—
she’s 2 clicks away

               when the rails hum.
We’d hunker in the weeds,
fumble with the scabs

on our knees, cover
our ears— rush the ties
to thumb copper saddles

and spit down the wind,
the caboose an orange dot
on the horizon by then.


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