Welcome to The Blasted Tree Art Collective and Publishing Company, an independent Canadian outlet for authors to share, publish, and distribute their work. We focus on singular artistic expressions and critical engagement with the world at large, bringing unique practices and perspectives to bear on socially-relevant themes and ideas. Much of our content is available online, and we encourage you to browse our selection of print media in the online store.

Fiction & Poetry

Thought-provoking and socially conscious short stories and poetry by Canadian authors. These exciting original compositions seek to challenge mainstream perspectives and accepted worldviews, often bordering on the subversive or counter-cultural.  Many of these works are available for purchase in print from The Blasted Tree Store.

Essays, Letters & More

Participation in the discussion of global ideas is central to foraging new and innovative paths in a problematic future. The Blasted Tree compiles unique, exploratory essays and open letters on a variety of issues - from the marginal to the monolithic - and reviews culturally-relevant media from engaging and critical perspectives.

Art, Music, & More

Music, photography, film, and beyond, The Blasted Tree provides a venue for up-and-coming and established Canadian artists to showcase their creations. This archive of intriguing and provocative works is an outlet for the multifaceted contributors to The Blasted Tree Collective, many of whom cross the boundaries between styles and mediums.


The Blasted Tree was founded in 2014 by Kyle Flemmer as a forum for Canadian authors and artists. The name "Blasted Tree" is derived from a variety of sources - Dr. Frankenstein, Captain Ahab, Macbeth, a Romantic notion of the sublime - and is embodied by the image of a lightning-struck tree. We represent that which stands above the crowd, both a conduit for the immense energy of artistic expression and a crucible for social alchemy and change. We believe in the magic of collaboration, free access to meaningful content, and the long-standing tradition of quality print publication.

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The Blasted Tree is committed to providing free digital access to content, but your help can go a long way to ensure the voices of our artists continue to be heard amidst the clamor of digital media. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, check out the store for limited edition print copies of your favorite content, and consider making a donation to The Blasted Tree using the buttons below.

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