The Vispo Bible: John

by Amanda Earl

Each piece represents one chapter from the Books of John, New Testament. The text is taken from, King James Version. The Vispo Bible is a life’s work to translate every chapter, every book of the Bible into visual poetry. As of time of printing, Amanda has completed from the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Esther and, from the New Testament: John, Romans, Jude, Revelation, and Mark. The work began in June, 2015. Amanda is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for funding for the Vispo Bible in 2018.

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Amanda Earl’s visual poetry has been exhibited in Canada, Brazil and Russia, and published in the last vispo: anthology: visual poetry 1998-2008 (Fantagraphics, 2012), The Book of Mark, The Vispo Bible (above/ground press, 2018), The Book of Esther, The Vispo Bible, (Puddles of Sky Press, 2017), Leviticus XII (Penteract Press, 2017), Revelation 20 from The Vispo Bible, (No Press, 2017), Of the Body, (Puddles of Sky Press, 2012), Bone Sapling, a collaboration with Gary Barwin, (AngelHousePress, 2014), a field guide to fanciful bugs, (avantacular press, 2010),  Montparnasse: this is visual poetry, (chapbook publisher, 2010) and in the magazines, untethered (2017) and dreamland (2016). Amanda's visual poetry also appears in online journals, Brave New Word, Angry Old Man, Ustanga, h&, Our Teeth otoliths, tip of the knife, ffooom, the new post literate,, DrunkenBoat, and the Bleed. Gary Barwin gave a lovely write up of Amanda's visual poetry on Jacket2, "What kind of [sic] sense is that?: Amanda Earl & the synaesthesia of reading" (June, 2013). For more vispo, please visit

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Amanda Earl

Contributing Author

The Vispo Bible:John by Amanda Earl is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-39-4

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