Evenings on the Porch of 2703 Fernwood Road

A soft, pink reflection.
The reflection is pink.
The edges are soft.

Her body is a cloud turned over
the underside of a cloud
as light fails the day,
as light fades off of the moss on the trees.

His body is all green
all searching limbs and spreading.
Small twigs of fingertips
placed against her blue flat spaces.

Kisses like still leaves,
cold and dark against her orange.

What is the language of a leaf fluttering
light wind over a sky that presses
its blueness on the evening?

You can stare up at a body as the clouds clear,
but only twigs can touch it against the night.


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Featured by The Blasted Tree: October 8, 2018

Lauren Elle DeGaine

Contributing Author

The Landscape We Left on Each Other by Lauren Elle DeGaine is a Blasted Tree collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-37-0

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