We Went to the Forest to Fire a Gun

I flick the lighter and picture your footsteps, treading snow and carpet pathways. The music I’m listening to brings memories of green and yellow days and I think about showing you this— I sing and blow smoke. We walked on a damp trail and smelled the earth: decomposition and the ache of things freshly growing. Back home, there were blood stains on your sheets, but you didn’t seem to mind. These are the gory moments of my life, paternal words flung like shards, my own voice a monstrous blade, now a ribbon of grass, but I turn monsters into you. I colour my new memories with you and they taste like fresh water and sweat and blue light and spliffs. Bright sky and bullet shells hitting ground and you holding my hand. These gorgeous spring days threaten us to be careful of summer.


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The Landscape We Left on Each Other is out of print from The Blasted Tree Store.

Featured by The Blasted Tree: October 8, 2018

Lauren Elle DeGaine

Contributing Author

The Landscape We Left on Each Other by Lauren Elle DeGaine is a Blasted Tree collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-37-0

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