1.3 – On brain chemistry (Propranolol)

by Michael Smilovitch

This is where the monsters live:
Within thy pious mother’s haven
Cleverly breached by Protean means

Those Aeolian vessels, which pumped
Unassuming, tainted tourists
To your capital city, your basket of eggs

Once inside, the sickly strangers
Rallied up bands of Hooligans, along with
Typically mild-mannered folks

These chosen few were adorned
With radiant robes and other such
Gratuitously outlandish Accoutrements

Now they prance about the neighborhood
Parade themselves in what consistently
Proves to be a shoddy display
Since their crooked council had never
Practiced this sort of thing, Of course

Through time and Space (mostly time)
The demonstrators were quelled—
But not yet quite extinguished.


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Michael Smilovitch

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obscuritysquared by Michael Smilovitch is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

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