2.3 – On conceptual synthesis

by Michael Smilovitch

Spelunking steadfast into the obscure
Bears no novelty, the swollen Atlas
Testament that anything we procure
Is both genuine and wholly tactless
The sympathetic is insufficient
As in sufficiency is illusory
An image nude is nary proficient
To overcome these acts of dupery
We slam into a broken microphone
So no one hears or understands our tone

But violent husks for quaint little larvae
Bulbous and barely ripe for description
Still degenerate and fail to carve a
Sigil or date or expired prescription
They beat around a burning shrubbery
In curt defiance of expectations
And grow like moonwax, somewhat rubbery
Nudging along sorry perturbations
We rub our eyes with putrid cortisone
And vision shifts from seeing-rod to cone

A necessary, unfinished creature
A lone grain of rice upon a chess-set
We must raise it to its higher feature
Obscuritysquared – creative offset
Innovation's gates gone out of fashion
As passers-by struggle and cut their hands
While opening their long-packaged rations
To access newborn and infantile lands
The porcelain crests of crestfallen waves
Take the minds’ eyes prisoner; as willing slaves


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Michael Smilovitch

Contributing Author

obscuritysquared by Michael Smilovitch is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-19-6

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