Our twigs (just in case)

by Simon Brown

Just in case
just in case                      the hollow
                                          of the hollow
the small hollow            in the smaller snow
                                          of the back
with a shiv
to puncture                     our pool on
not really a                      floor no
puddle                              forms

it is                                   too cold up
                                          in here
to the left and                 further
with two                          twigs
is                                       what it means

just in case
                                          you think
 with mouth                   of the mouth
in dust                             of intimate parole

just in case                     a shiv
with us                            to puncture
you purchase                 silky garbage bags
with means                    of dust to say

this moist dust              sticks
                                          to the mouth

is how we gather           together
to retch up                     silks and
all our
                                        twigs are crossed
means                            and ready

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Simon Brown

Contributing Author

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Our twigs (just in case) by Simon Brown is a Blasted Tree original poem

Edition of 50 longsheets published in Canada

Feature image from Michigan Trees by Charles Herbert Otis, 1915 (courtesy of Project Gutenberg)