Sacha Archer

Contributing Author

Sacha Archer is a Canadian writer and visual artist currently residing in Ontario. He is a practitioner of Gongfu Cha (the art of Chinese tea brewing), an ESL instructor, and a daycare provider. His work has appeared in journals such as filling Station, ACTA Victoriana, h&, illiterature, NōD, and Experiment-O. He is the author of the chapbooks Dishwashing Event, Part One: Tianjin, China (no press, 2016), and Dishwashing Event, Part Two: Ontario (Puddles of Sky Press, 2016). His chapbooks Acceleration of the Arbitrary (Grey Borders) and Detour [D-1] (Spacecraft Press) are forthcoming.


Works on The Blasted Tree:

Photo by 辛蕊 (Xin Rui)