short(er) fiction vol.1

ANGER / Muir / Alexander

These three entries in our Short(er) Fiction catalog, showcasing innovative and experimental Canadian fiction <2500 words, are tales of social oddity and altered states. Each can be read in a few short minutes, but will stick with you long after. Volume 1 includes drug-fueled and perspective-bending shorts by Blasted Tree authors Jesse Anger, Lambert Muir, and Olivia Alexander. Is there truth 'under the influence?' Find out in Short(er) Fiction Vol. 1 by using the links below.

Short(er) Fiction Vol. 1 is "Out of Print" from The Blasted Tree Store.

Short(er) Fiction Vol. 1 is a collection of Blasted Tree original short stories.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-0-9938364-5-9

Cover Design by Kyle Flemmer - Cover Image by Jesse Anger