by andrew topel

squared is a kaleidoscopic sampling of abstract visual poetry by the prolific andrew topel. These poems riff on, challenge, even embrace the square frames they live within. Typography spills, explodes, and realigns on every page, giving form to expression through gesture and weight, communicating in composition what cannot be said aloud. squared has been published in a limited edition of 50 numbered and hand-bound chapbooks, each bearing its own unique cover made with dry transfer lettering. The collection can be viewed online in the image gallery below, and one-of-a-kind copies of the chapbook can be purchased from The Blasted Tree Store.

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 squared is available from The Blasted Tree Store.

Featured by The Blasted Tree: February 18, 2019

andrew topel

Contributing Author

squared by andrew topel is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-46-2

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