The SIMS in Real Life

by Ben Robinson

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because, where Sam counted on a problem
Dad calculated on an experience, on one

Europe, on top of armed robberies
Bobo Belém came for my life
Paul the Gilder
though we also have lots of flowers, dear Albert Ferrer,
Europa breeds a weapon
bales and bales

to leave a life of egg bloom
there remained empty
sleep, reading
the ACLU, the A12
after managing need
in Heerlen, the battery
of the 7 winds

from Pamela Ave., flora made a life
state credits afterward
on the exit though

tableau in Gaul continued to run
He also continued after the triplet that appeared
for Libya has been running
do not let this run
Vi can run
the ending
yet the policy closes

sleep is that good
however, a lot of vetoes remained
this time or more often the target
or the previous lot

with it follows the apple Hans delivered
sleep tight
yes it is there on the street, remained Euro
NAC has killed
to comply
she, just then, kept a flight to Dublin, flight

let know
problems occur, pass
let live
wolves live
the number two
nevertheless, it continues to live

beasts alarmed, have cooperated
the collision with a plow in place
sleep tight

that stimulated petal afternoon
the blabla stayed
let me walk
problematic within Libya
with a few minutes left

the adolescent
lettuce remained empty
Robben walked
for some reason, lettuce did not appear
leaf two, three

Libya has left that problem

do not kick in anymore
football in 3
suddenly, suddenly stopped on a double for less borrowing
top in Brussels

Flanders’ shares remained
Sandeep Lombeek, tulip, four problem
there remained problem
many Moluccans
FK Jablonec lit The Times on fire, sliver of life
to Berlin!

Source notes

The text for The Sims in Real Life was generated using the YouTube’s “automatic captioning” feature. This feature was applied to a selection of videos including unorthodox or abstract uses of language. I experimented with videos of people speaking in tongues and going into trances before settling on a popular genre of prank video which features young men “talking gibberish to strangers.” This poem draws on captions automatically generated for the video “Sims in real life Prank” (2016) by YouTube user LETZUPLOADIT, accessible at:

With the automatic captioning function enabled, the software translated the nonsense words and sounds used in the source video into their closest English equivalents. Part found poem, part translation, the final text is made up, almost exclusively, of the lines generated by the software; my role here has been editorial as opposed to generative.


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Ben Robinson

Contributing Author

The Sims in Real Life by Ben Robinson is a Blasted Tree poem and multimedia chapbook.

ISBN [Online]: 978-1-987906-47-9

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