505 Dundas to Broadview STN

by Laura Dyer

There’s something comforting
in the way the streetcar
hugs the bends,
              the curves of this city

My home
can be found
in the quiet corners
              of concrete and lights
in the arching wires,
              that weave
above the sidewalk

A safety net
for those whose worlds
have been turned
              upside down

But you would do
to mind the gap


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These Are Fragments is out of print from The Blasted Tree Store.

Laura Dyer

Contributing Author

These Are Fragments by Laura Dyer is a previously published work. For information about the publication history of These Are Fragments, please read the Acknowledgements (Acknowledgements & Thanks).

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-01-1

Cover Design by Kyle Flemmer - Cover Image by Zdeněk Tobiáš