Wet Specimen

by Erin Emily Ann Vance

Worship at the altar of stillborn grey wolf pups
in glass jars with umbilical yearning
fur short like sealskin
and teeth too big for an unborn mouth.

Consider the hatchlings
the milky stillbirths, the exsanguinated
limbs like albino tulips, the diaphonized
the crystallized; consider this:

your lopsided breasts in a jar
the pink peonies of your nipples afloat
in formaldehyde and water, blossoming
worship at the altar of your own skin.

Again your fist the size of the foetal slip
your lips the wingspan of a stillborn bat.

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Erin Emily Anne Vance

Contributing Author

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Wet Specimen by Erin Emily Ann Vance is a Blasted Tree original poem

Edition of 50 leaflets published in Canada

Feature image by Kyle Flemmer - Bat image from Château de La Rochefoucauld en Angoumois by E. Bauhain & J. Godefroy, 1893 (Courtesy of the British Library).