Ballo Del Minuetto

by Ilona Martonfi

When you think of Venezia’s carnival
mask worn by Concetta De Luca
I, the concubine,
rococo costume, brocade silk, white wig
walking down narrow cobbled streets
crossing Rialto Bridge
you will hear the sound of drumming
be prepared to find confetti in your hair
eighteenth century
in the storefront windows
in the alleyways
between Piazza San Marco, the Canal Grande
in the island city of Venice
as the lights dim
masks in papier-mâché and porcelain
glue pots, paint brushes, watercolours

do you remember last winter,
that afternoon

la Bottega dei Mascareri
mask-maker creates a clay sculpture
pours liquid plaster
when hardened removes the original

several coats of white tempera
eyeholes cut out

crimson lips outlined in gold
thick black ribbons
feathers, macramé, glitter.

Water-trapped palazzos
high tides—acqua alta

I, Concetta De Luca
dancing at the Ballo del Minuetto.

Ballo del Minuetto by Ilona Martonfi is a Blasted Tree original poem.