Project 1: Ice Watch Paris

by Ilona Martonfi

Lassoed, scarred—calving. The outer frame, space it invents

unfurling orbicular margins. Unrelenting. Birdcage elevators. Dreamed up. Eighty-eight tons icebergs harnessed from Nuup Kangerlua fjord in Greenland; glacier obelisks left to melt on Place du Panthéon: put your hand to it. Hear the sound. Rive Gauche.

Everyday life frescoes. Unfinished cast iron stairways.
Quartier Latin mausoleum, hills of the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, 5ème arrondissement: “Come,” they said. Decorate the chaste. Distorting. Dressed like a pauper. Toiling away in your atelier. Concealing nakedness. You have lost the key. Nearly blind. You mourn. You ought to. Your oeuvre.

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Featured by The Blasted Tree: April 10, 2017

Ilona Martonfi

Contributing Author

Project 1: Ice Watch Paris by Ilona Martonfi is a Blasted Tree original poem.

Edition of 50 longsheets published in Canada

Cover Design by Kyle Flemmer