Featured Author - Olivia Alexander

Olivia Alexander is interested in the art of storytelling, and has been for a long time. For the author of newly minted SOCIAL HONESTY, fiction is about both escaping and exorcising the demons of our reality. In her youth, Olivia studied theatre and vocal music, feeding her passion for storytelling on the works of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, and Frank O’Hara, whose conversational walk-and-talk descriptions redefined her notion of poetry. She moved to Montreal in 2011 to study Creative Writing at Concordia University, hoping to pursue a career in the relatively new storytelling medium of video games. Olivia particularly enjoys writing multiple-choice conversations, allowing the reader to navigate and change the story with their various choices, and she feels video games can offer an excellent fusion between good dialogue and a compelling, ever-changing narrative. So far, Olivia has published two short stories on The Blasted Tree: SOCIAL HONESTY, part of our Short(er) Fiction series, and TO THE SPOT, soon be available for purchase in physical format from The Blasted Tree Store.