Featured Story - Foxish by Mitch Findlay

Fox"ish\, a. Foxlike - like a fox. As in clever. But how clever is the fox who's been hit by a car? Perhaps more clever than you would expect! Meet a silver-tongued creature from a realm of magic realism in Mitch Findlay's first Blasted Tree short story, at once funny, endearing, dark, and touching. Findlay's exuberant use of language tugs disarmingly at the veil between here and the hereafter, playing foxlike with your expectations about death and the nature of communication.


Foxish is part of our Short(er) Fiction catalog, showcasing great Canadian fiction less than 2500 words. Our first published collection in the series, Short(er) Fiction Vol. 1, is now available from The Blasted Tree Store. Foxish is soon to follow in our forthcoming Volume 2.