FYI: when i let you in my bed

by Prince Poirier

When I let you in my bed
I am not saying I want to touch you.
I am not saying you are the one or that
I want you to meet my parents.

When I let you in my bed,
I’m not saying I want kids with cute matching hats.
I am showing you how nice I look in my bra and
hoping you don’t have the same one.

When I let you in my bed,
I am assuming you will not steal my liver when I fall asleep,
or laugh at the weird freckle on my hip, or sigh because
I am not that hot lady in the shampoo commercial.

You seem decent enough–
I’m broke because I bought this bra,
but I won’t tell you any of that
when I let you in my bed.


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Prince Poirier

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Demon Hickeys by Prince Poirier is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

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