japanese cartoon

by Prince Poirier

The high school boy has big eyes,
and a mouth that flaps open and closed.
This is cheap animation, plus
I need subtitles to understand him.
He has a robot. He has a robot 97 stories tall,
it fights aliens with metal fists
and doesn’t ask for anything in exchange.
The boy is in the robot and he
thinks he controls it. The robot could tear
Neo-Tokyo apart if it wanted to, if it got bored.
Neo-Tokyo is school girls and noodle shops
and a Mesozoic radioactive cherry blossom tree.
I learn from the high school boy
in the TV, in the robot. I am on my couch,
in my boxers and today I told my mom
“you hug me too much.”

In a robot suit, I can’t hear her crying.
I can only sit on a couch and eat Pringles and hum
to the tune of the high school boy’s theme song.
When I tell the boyfriend to go fuck himself and
stop coming over, I don’t get a theme song.


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