Dorito Hangover

by Kyle Flemmer

Characterized by a sparse and direct style, this selection of first poems by Kyle Flemmer moves nimbly between comedy and gravity, pulling the reader into a realm where the familiar and unquestioned are made alien. By blending satirical, often absurd elements with solemn contemplation, Dorito Hangover asks us to take notice of the cultural miasma hanging over our fast-food society, a thick fog of engine fumes and brand loyalty smothering our taste in leaders and TV shows. This collection of fifteen previously unpublished poems is now out of print from The Blasted Tree Store.

Dorito Hangover is "Out of Print" from The Blasted Tree Store.


Founder, Editor in Chief, Author

Dorito Hangover by Kyle Flemmer is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-0-9939300-5-8

Cover Design by Kyle Flemmer - Cover Image by Marcin Rybarczyk