Your Model Airplane, Your Morning Drink

by Laura Rojas

it was a moment of silence-
your bedroom well past 3 am
when you took off my glasses and I couldn’t see a damn thing
when we drove through picturesque, mountainesque west-coast paradise,
foot on the gas pedal, everything smelling of cold coffee and the brilliant dynamite of
our kissing
the chilly June morning sitting bare-legged on backyard grass
drink in hand, intoxicated with black-marker sketches and
the promise of something more meaningful than tomorrow, just as meaningful as the
day after
oh, the well-lit future that glows brilliantly against the darkening sunset of the suburbs
grey city holding my golden insides in her palm
a delicate mother with no blood relation
just the slightness of my early childhood
and now these
cold-pressed mornings


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Laura Rojas

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Everything All At Once by Laura Rojas is a Blasted Tree original collection of poetry.

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