Gag Tag : Tact Act

by Franco Cortese

dying city insinuating continuity, hymning dyeing tangency, dimensioning discontent insemination, mythicising contaminating denunciation, encysting that unsanctioned unmanned entities enunciate augmentative enchantment, unhesitating unnegotiated sin consigned to hymnic hymen condemnation as contaminated dignity, as toying mutiny, as neon agency decaying neotenous instancy, identity sediment, domesticated incantation unchained yet contained in anointed unmeaning destiny, synthetic dynastic ditty, honeyed ashy insignia sooty as myth or sign or engined meaning haunting nightman mounding snatchmines ado, tiding unmeant eigenstates, hesitant intumesced intimacy, ascendant sentence negotiated as sad unnamed damnation, as enigma antic, cotangent agitations natant, identic, theodic, thinnest taint shine, onus nous sand iced, diced, enhanced genetic iceman incites mouthy mutagenic magician, intimate machinations, time hide digs, dies, deems tenants ontic unnoted handgun hangman, animist nudities odic and oceanic, noetic amen huntsmen actuating authentic midnight and annotated incest citations, namecage signed, onetime authentic omens tiding animist detainees, tuned hemes, auctioned teachings, detachment, nicest genocide teachings, nicest omission


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Franco Cortese

Contributing Author

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Gag Tag : Tact Act by Franco Cortese is a Blasted Tree original poem

Edition of 60 leaflets published in Canada

Feature image by Kyle Flemmer