by Franco Cortese

The following six poems are line-by-line anagrams of the word “sovereignty.” All six are also subject to the following constraints: each poem must begin in the form of "ye ___ ___", and refer at least once to each of the following topics/themes: sex, death/decay, vegetation and language/text (in one form or another).

ye ten virgos
verge toy sin,
egy sin trove;
insert yo veg
teeny virgos,
tiny eros veg,
siren veg toy
rinse toy veg,
i.e., orgy vents,
eros get viny
estrogen ivy,
rosy veg tine,
see rot vying.

ye overt sign
toys veering,
sever toying
verse toying
eve's orgy tin,
every sign to
try give eons,
sing to every
eve's gory int,
every it song
go sever tuny
eve ryot sign,
give rote syn,
get viny rose.

ye oven's grit
grieve no sty,
veins to grey,
ont's grey vie,
grey note siv
give ten rosy
rots, gene ivy
negs ye vitro
iron vest, egy
groin vest, ye
versing eyot:
gon severity
vesting yore.

ye gen's vitro,
nervy egoist
strove eying
every ingot's
given oyster,
vesting yore
goriest envy
ego tins, very
viny, so terse
gene story ív
rove yet sing
sire envy, got
yen, gives rot.

ye rivet song,
grey stone ív,
given storey
gore ivy best,
net orgy vise
nets ye vigor,
ont gyre vies
ye sign trove
singe to evry
oven rig yet,
yet vines gro,
genes V ryot, I
give one try,
gory nest vie.

ye rove sign
gen story vie
eve's grit yon,
so tiny verse
gore ivy best,
negs ye vitro
orgy sign, vet
ye oven's trig
sine, try vogë
trove, sing ye
gyve oestrin,
give syne rot
to resiny veg.

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