short(er) fiction vol.3

fischer / browne / smilovitch

Presenting three sharp tales of portentous objects from The Blasted Tree's Short(er) Fiction series, which showcases innovative and experimental Canadian fiction less than 2500 words. In Volume 3, contributing authors Ivan Fischer, Michelle Brown, and Michael Smilovitch take a look at the weird and often painful relationships we form with those everyday "things" in our lives. What makes them significant, and gives mere objects an uncanny power over us? Read Short(er) Fiction Vol. 3 online using the links below.

Short(er) Fiction Vol. 3 is "Out of Print" from The Blasted Tree Store.

Short(er) Fiction Vol. 3 is a collection of Blasted Tree original short stories.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-14-1

Cover Design by Kyle Flemmer - Cover Image by Bernd Liebers