Time-Sensitive Material

Time-Sensitive Material is a collection of poems by the inimitable David Dowker. Intricate and deeply meditative, these poems turn the soil of language, bringing fertility to the stuffiest, most jargonistic corners of discourse. Philosophy, natural science, and linguistics decompose and are deployed in recombinant sequences: “ambigrammatical, becoming animalism.” A limited edition of 50 chapbooks have been produced on ivory linen paper, each hand-bound in a distressed parchment cover with a tissue paper flyleaf, available now from The Blasted Tree Store. Time-Sensitive Material can be read online using the links below.

“The knowledge of the poem is a—psychoanalytically probably not fathomable—shared knowledge with an other; there are invisibly communicating vessels.”
— Paul Celan, trans. Pierre Joris, The Meridian

“Logic can’t explain water, though wet elucidates thought. A kiss then
Moistens within, and speech glistens.”

— Stacy Doris, Knot


Time-Sensitive Material is available from The Blasted Tree Store.

David Dowker

Contributing Author

Time-Sensitive Material by David Dowker is a Blasted Tree collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-49-3

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