The Influence of Anxiety

Then again. What utters lustre inheres, as attar to petal or morning dew undone. Solace of these anomalous valences for the precipitate of disillusionment. By means of ceaseless deviation, the derivation, a rather subjective correlative to hysteria or an alien mistaken for a tree, a well-meaning desiring machine with a penchant for causal nostalgia and its somatic cognates. An excellent once as such like as lilac the lake ostensibly cubical and our boat afloat on a wave of happening. Syringa rings incongruous in this para-literary emerald spring and all the cunning while some sport of baroque vortices cavorts with postmodern abandon. Over the carnal rose symptomatic the ghosts of other flowers in the cups of their nuptials.


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David Dowker

Contributing Author

Time-Sensitive Material by David Dowker is a Blasted Tree collection of poetry.

ISBN [Digital]: 978-1-987906-49-3

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