Spoken Word - Dandelion Snow by Ilona Martonfi


This week in Verbal Vol. 1 we're featuring a spoken word poem by repeat Blasted Tree contributor Ilona Martonfi, an author, performer, and literary event organizer. Ilona has written three books of poetry, and she is the founder and producer of The Yellow Door reading series in Montreal. Her poem "Dandelion Snow," addressed to the unseen Daughter, asks how mental illness and poverty contribute to the erasure of intimacy. Ilona's poem can be heard (and read) on The Blasted Tree, and you can download all of Verbal Vol. 1 as it becomes available, one track per week throughout spring, on Bandcamp.


If this is your first listen to Verbal Vol. 1, be sure to read the Forward by Blasted Tree editor Kyle Flemmer for a quick introduction to spoken word and the challenge of "publishing" literary audio.