Verbal Vol. 1

spoken word anthology

Verbal Vol. 1 is a digital anthology of spoken word poetry bringing together eight unique voices recorded on stages, in studios, or living rooms across Canada. Each track showcases a different sound, style, tone, fidelity (there's even a couple set to music!), and is accompanied by its written lyrics. Verbal Vol. 1 will be released one track per week beginning March 18, 2018, and is downloadable from our Bandcamp. You can listen to each of the recordings for free using the links below.

Forward by Kyle Flemmer
1. ProjectAwake - 3.02 AM by Audrey Lane Cockett (music by SHIGETO)
2. Filter by Adrien Smart
3. Dandelion Snow by Ilona Martonfi
4. #myfavouritepersonintheworld by Ian San Agustin
5. CHILLY CHILLY by Prairie Chola Ayatollah
6. hello hollow sunrise by Anthony J. Gavin
7. They don't want you to talk about it by Laine Pineo
8. Chased By Bears Across Marshmallow Bluffs by Michael Smilovitch (music by Alec Panikian)



Verbal Vol.1 is a Blasted Tree anthology of spoken word poetry.

Cover Image by Kyle Flemmer