Roll in the Sea

by Jesse Anger

Slowing down to get it, fledgling spring.
Followed by a gargoyle’s eye,
behind the crocuses, his broken wing
lay across his back. This time,
in going at a glacier’s pace, we see
tall red maples tint the hills,
undulating on toward the tracks
where the distant trains fill
the powdered sky with shifts of brush and brass.
The slide-whistling of a cardinal's call
nearly gives away the daytime moon,
sickling softly in the blue
ocean of endless, wound around the sun.
Silver birches branch and hue
seams of white, fine filigrees. My eyes
are time's to open, mine to close.
Our hands are smooth, entwining as we roll,
steeped in the sea, slower than most.
We revel, leveled by the usual
taken in through a child’s eye.


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