Verbal Vol. 1 spoken word anthology

by Ian San Agustin

Keep me company
When I want to be alone
Just you beside me

Olive Coloured Tan
Amazingly Wonderful
Smiles and Carefree

Joyful Raspiness
Resonates throughout the room
Love as company

Late night chats with you
Always make my day better
Blissful and lovely

Telling a story
Brighter than any movie
Dreaming is vivid

Glimpse of your smile
Hoping you notice me
Noticing you shine

Texting Good morning
I'm grateful for your Glasses.
Smirking framed windows.

Gets me every time.
Pooched Eyes, joint smoking.
Quiet Puff Puff Pass.

Calm and collected.
Pass it to the left hand side.
My eyes get slanted.

Long arm of the smoke.
From a lit tip of this joint.
Happiness only.


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Verbal Vol.1 is a Blasted Tree anthology of spoken word poetry.

Cover Image by Kyle Flemmer