Featured Interview - May G N

We sat down with Alberta-based print media artist and Blasted Tree contributor May G N to talk art and life in Calgary's queer community. May lends us razor-sharp insight into digital print-making, political engagement, and the demystification of gender, discussing how these pursuits fit into our anxiety-inducing contemporary context. Featuring images from May's impressive creative oeuvre, check out this interview for a closer look at one of Alberta's most fascinating young artists.


Poetry Chapbook - how to make an English exam interesting by Jordan Bolay


As the author's note states: this semi-found poem was written during the mid-term exam of English 302, “Introduction to Contemporary Theoretical Practices.” Composed spontaneously into an extra examination blue book, Jordan Bolay's chapbook project is an experiment in embodied poetics. To produce it, six scribes copied Jordan's original poem into blank examination books by hand, layering a diversity of penmanship over the organic foundation of Bolay's original composition. Read the project online, then drop by The Blasted Tree's Store to get your hands on a limited edition copy of this one-of-a-kind poetry project.


Poetry Leaflet - Radioactivity by Ken Hunt

Radioactivity, one of three new Blasted Tree poems by Ken Hunt, celebrates the life and work of Marie Curie; chemist, physicist, and winner of two Nobel prizes. In this poem, Hunt expertly draws our attention to the atomic punishment exacted on Curie's body in the pursuit of her discoveries. A limited edition of 50 folded leaflets, 5.5" x 7", is now available from The Blasted Tree's store.


Two further poems by Hunt can be read on The Blasted Tree's website, BELOW OKLO  and PLUTONIUM VALLEY, and can be found in our "Poetry by Author" section. Each of these three poems speaks to issues surrounding the discovery and exploitation of atomic energy, a topic Hunt explores in his Manhattan Project manuscript.

FLASH HAIKU - Ryan Tellier

The winner of The Blasted Tree's Flash Haiku Contest, held on Facebook last Monday, is Ryan Tellier! We've published his haiku into 2.5" x 2.5" mini-leaflets in a limited run of 60 copies. Ryan's poem jumped out for its simplicity and gentle humor, faithfulness to traditional haiku (in spirit if not in syllable), and its surprising turn. A great haiku that bears up to playful contemplation!


Poetry Leaflet - Plumpump by psw

Our latest addition to The Blasted Tree's line of printed media, this 3.25" x 5" folded leaflet features the visual poem Plumpump by German artist and printmaker, psw. Plumpump is a dry-transfer work of typography strung together like strands of symbolic DNA, organized alphabetically and nonsensically. 50 limited edition copies of the accordion-style leaflet are now available from The Blasted Tree's store.

View Plumpump

Poetry Longsheet - Project 1: Ice Watch Paris by Ilona Martonfi

An imagistic poem as cold, precise, and worldly as its chosen subject, Ilona Martonfi's "Project 1: Ice Watch Paris" draws beautiful parallels between the decay of an iceberg and human vulnerability. Austere and direct, detached yet tender, Martonfi's poem achieves great depth with startling economy. 50 limited-edition 4.25" x 11" longsheets of the poem are now available from The Blasted Tree Store.


Poetry Broadside - Frat Boy Catullus by Zoe Lambrinakos-Raymond

Translating into modern vernacular the poetry of Catullus, ancient Roman poet with a penchant for crude and passionate verse, Zoe Lambrinakos-Raymond captures (for the first time in history) the true colour of his notoriously foul temperament. Skewing empty male entitlement in all its historical magnitude, this translation should be required reading for every college student. 50 limited-edition 11" x 17" broadsheets are now available from The Blasted Tree Store.


New Chapbook - The Insistence of Momentum by Sacha Archer

When two objects collide in space, momentum must be conserved. This fundamental law is parleyed into a startlingly fresh chapbook of prose poetry by Sacha Archer, The Insistence of Momentum. Passages from history are exhumed and bounced off each other, sparking alchemical responses from Archer in this experiment of literary call-and-answer. A limited edition of 50 hand-bound chapbooks were produced of The Insistence of Momentum, available now from The Blasted Tree Store, and the collection can be read online using the link below.

READ The Insistence of Momentum

Call for Submissions - Spoken Word EP


We are putting together a compilation album of spoken word recordings by poets from across the country, and there is still time/space (spacetime) to submit! There is no theme for the project; instead, we're looking to showcase the diversity of voices and techniques used within our thriving spoken word community.

Send a recording of your spoken word performance, along with written lyrics, to theblastedtree@gmail.com by Feb. 28th!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the project. We know "compilation album of spoken word recordings" is perhaps a little vague, but that's to encourage your interpretation of what might qualify. We're primarily looking for audio content, but we will also accept the submission of any accompanying visual art, like illustrations or video, or other supplementary media.


Two weeks, poets - let's hear what you got!!!